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Picture Credit: Martin Chaffey
Yeovil/Montacute Parkrun

Hi, my name is Alan.

I’m 46 years old and in January 2019, after a very indulgent Christmas and New Year in the USA, I went for my annual blood test and blood pressure test for my hypertension.

Cue a very rude wake-up call.

My blood pressure, whilst no worse than usual, was elevated but more frighteningly, my cholesterol was very high, I had the early signs of a liver function abnormality and I was significantly overweight.

Now, none of these things happened overnight but I had allowed myself to believe that my weight had increased just because I was getting older and I was absolutely clueless about the others.

I decided that I needed to do something but I knew that I didn’t want to go back to the gym, so what then?

And then it hit me.


After all, it was inexpensive, I could do it whenever it suited me and, most of all, I could do it on my own, at my own pace (no pun intended).

That was March 9th 2019. The start of my running journey.

Current Achievements:
Race For Life 5K PB – Unofficial Time – 38’36” – 15/06/2019
Parkrun 5k PB – Official Time – 28’13” – 01/02/2020 Yeovil Montacute B
FFR Ninespring By Night 5k PB – Official Time – 33’10” – 18/01/2020
Half Marathon

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