Henstridge Airfield Parkrun

The ‘Isle of Man Manx’ Winter Course

Henstridge Airfield’s winter course is an ‘Out & Back’ with a little bit of a difference.

Essentially you are out and back in 3 different directions, loosely representing the treskelion on the Flag of the Isle of Man, on a variety of surfaces which, in my opinion, makes it a Trail Running Shoe course.

The first leg takes you along a gravel track before turning left out on to the main runway at Henstridge Airfield in a South Westerly direction for about 1Km before rounding a cone at the end of the runway and returning back from whence you came. More often-than-not the outbound leg of the runway is into the wind (which can be like running into a brick wall!) but conversely the run back down the runway is wind assisted (which helps the overall split!) It is worth mentioning that the runway is shut for the duration of Parkrun but goes ‘live’ as soon as the runway is clear.

The second leg takes you back across the gravel track and out in a South Easterly(ish) direction along an old taxi-way which is worn concrete for the most part but does have some impressive potholes and uneven ground to negotiate. A third of the way on the outbound leg completes 2Km. Once you have rounded the cone at the end of the taxi-way you retrace you steps until you reach the gravel track.

The third leg takes you out initially in an Easterly direction along a grass track, which gets you to 3Km, before turning North West, and looping around the treeline before turning left in a South Westerly direction to run to the 4Km mark then turning South behind the Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance Station (which is based at Henstridge Airfield), and then East before rounding a cone in the middle of the field and retracing your steps back to the Start/Finish line and 5Km.

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