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Strava 2019: The year I decide to get the better of my health

So as Christmas rapidly approaches and 2019 inexorably marches on into 2020, Strava have very kindly sent me my ‘Year in Sport’ information for 2019.
Now, I don’t know if this compares favourably, but all I can tell you is that 12 months ago this information would have shown the following:

Bower Hinton and Martock Runners

Welcome to the BHAMily! 🏃🏾‍♂️

I had the distinct pleasure of joining BHAM! Runners last night for my first club run.
I hadn’t considered, until recently, that running with others, in an attempt to improve my stamina and pace, was a good idea and, having progressed as far as I can on my own, I decided that joining a club was probably the way to go.
Choosing a club was a little bit of a ‘finger-in-the-air’ exercise as I don’t know many other runners and after seeing the BHAMily in action at parkrun, they have always seemed a friendly bunch and so I took the plunge and went along to their Monday Evening Club Night.

Suffice it to say as I will be returning after the Christmas break!

What a lovely, welcoming, hospitable bunch!

I look forward to the half marathon training and running with you in the future!

Yeovil Montacute Parkrun

As always, Yeovil Montacute is a Trail Running Shoe course in my opinion, due to the uneven grass/ground underfoot, which can be slippery and prone to sheep and cow droppings and rabbit holes (due to the sheep, cows and rabbits!)

Yeovil Montacute is essentially a circuitous course starting with a straight run up ‘The Avenue’ in an Easterly direction before turning right, South East, at about 500m in and running through the trees, following the path (making sure you avoid the random post and low hanging branches!) then turning left, North East, towards the 1Km mark.

At 1Km you turn North to the top of The Avenue, then turning left, West, to run the length of The Avenue, with Montacute House as the backdrop (which is stunning in good weather).

Back at the Start Line you turn left, South, to the 2Km mark and then follow the perimeter of the park East before turning North East to the 3Km mark then continuing North before looping around the North East corner of the park and heading West downhill, through the gateway and up the other side towards the 4Km mark.

And here’s where things start to become a little trickier with the camber of the hillside to contend with (you’re traversing across it) and then, once you think you’ve negotiated the ‘hard’ bit, you turn South to face ‘Killer Hill’.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this isn’t the North Face of the Eiger, but, if like me you’re not the best at hill climbing, it may as well be. Add to that the 4 and-a-bit Km you just done and this poses a challenge to us mere mortals!

How ever you choose to tackle ‘Killer Hill’, sprint; run; jog; walk; stagger; crawl; once you get to the top, the sense of achievement is palpable and it’s that feeling that propels you toward the finish.

All that’s left is a short run East before turning sharp right, South West, and, with the finish line in sight, you turn left, East, for the final time before summoning up enough strength for your own version of a sprint finish!

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