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I’m running the LONDON WINTER RUN 10k!

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I’m running the London Winter 10k, Sunday February 9th 2020 in aid of Cancer Research UK.

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Thank you in anticipation!

Why Blog About It?

“Hi, my name is Alan, and I’m a bit of a running nerd”

Picture credit: Martin Chaffey
Yeovil/Montacute Parkrun

As a professionally trained dancer, covering classical ballet, modern, tap, jazz, contemporary and Spanish, I am used to being fit, however running was frowned upon when I was training.

Certainly when I was (a lot) younger, endurance and stamina were never issues but, now aged 45, I find myself in a place whereby my overall fitness will have a bearing on my heath as I move through my middle age years.

I started running in February 2019 as a way to lose weight, reduce my cholesterol, combat an abnormal liver function and lower my blood pressure, under advice from my doctor suggesting that, to paraphrase, it “might be time to get off my increasingly fat arse”!

Initially I chose running because it was cheap; all I needed was a pair of trainers, some tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt and I could start to pound the pavements like Eliud Kipchoge’s much, much older, significantly less talented and un-fitter 3rd cousin, (twice removed)!

What I didn’t appreciate was that I would come to find the benefits of running to my physical health but, more importantly, my mental health, strangely addictive.

I use my time when I’m out running to cleanse both my body (through profusely sweating) and my mind (by allowing myself to let go of the psychological baggage I accumulate during an average day at work). I ‘put my ears in’ (listen to music)

Over the last 7 months I’ve become a bit of a running nerd. Not in the sense that I can quote you marathon times of famous runners throughout history but in as much as I’m now looking for ways to improve; looking at training techniques and plans; following blogs; listening to podcasts; reading articles; all to find that next small advantage to eek out those vital seconds that may mean the difference between a PB and an also ran.

So back to the question at hand; Why blog about it?

For no other reason than, having paid out the money to set this blog up, it’s another incentive and motivation to keep running. This isn’t a blog for anyone other than myself to document the highs and lows of my journey towards whichever hair-brained goal/challenge I set myself but if I pick up some followers along the way then, welcome, I am more than happy to make your acquaintance and have your company along the journey.

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