Parkrun #31 – 02/11/2019

Henstridge Airfield 5k Course
‘Isle of Man Manx’ Winter Course

Event 62
Official Time: 31 minutes 17 seconds
Age Grade: 45.34%

4StarRunning’s informal run report:

It seems that I am now one of those people who needs to get their weekly Parkrun fix regardless of how many cats and dogs are falling from the sky or how often I have to wear my ruby red slippers and say ‘Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore’!

I have now had the pleasure of running Henstridge Airfield twice in as many weeks, mostly due to the adverse weather conditions that have affected so many of the Parkrun venues (with pesky trees) around the country more recently, and with my home run at Yeovil/Montacute cancelling, as early as Thursday, as a result.

Henstridge Airfield wasn’t the first alternative venue of choice, having previously run at Street, but when Street cancelled early on both Saturday mornings, I wrapped up warm and headed for the Somerset/Dorset border.

And I’m glad I did!

What a fantastic group of volunteers!

It’s one thing to want run in all conditions; it’s an entirely different thing to wrap yourself up like a trawlerman in a force 9 so that other can run; but that’s exactly what happened here…twice!!

So this post is by way of thanks to all the volunteers (and especially those at Henstridge Airfield) out there in Parkrun Land who selflessly come out in all weathers so that idiots like me can get their Parkrun fix!


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