Parkrun #18 – 03/08/2019

Yeovil/Montacute 5k Course

Event 269

Official Time: 31 minutes 04 seconds – PB

Age Grade: 45.65%

Having only started running in March this year, parkrun UK has become an integral part of my Saturdays.
It has never about anything other than improving my physical and mental health, and my times, although important (to me), are largely irrelevant.
Having completed Couch To 5k (in a fairly protracted manor) and having professed to ‘not being able to run’, today, in the big scheme of things, was quite a milestone.

Today I ran my first 5k.

I have completed 17 previous Parkruns in the UK and France, countless other 5k runs, a couple of 7.5k runs, and walked miles and miles and miles but today, for the first time, I ran the entire Yeovil Montacute parkrun without walking any of it (ably assisted for the last 1k by Rosie) which, for me is a massive milestone.
My time won’t be world beating and, indeed, won’t be my fastest official Parkrun time, but today was a good day.

Thank you Parkrun, for everything.